Food And Tribal Sovereignty, The History Of Our Commute, Police Enforcement Of ‘Safer At Home’

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Ho-Chunk, Pow-Wow
Ho-Chunk Pow-Wow. CamillE (CC-BY-NC-ND)

We discuss Ho-Chunk ingredients and cooking, and the food sovereignty movement with chef and a Ho-Chunk tribal member. Then we talk to an urban planning scholar about how our transportation development matches how far we’re willing to travel for work historically. And a police chief explains how officers are making sure people stay ‘safer at home.’

Featured in this Show

  • Food Friday: Ho-Chunk Cooking And Tribal Food Sovereignty

    Food is a great way to connect with your roots, and the tribal food sovereignty movement is putting it into practice. Our guest shares traditional Ho-Chunk ingredients and cooking, and talks about how her work with farmers, chefs, and seed savers is empowering tribal communities through food.

  • What We Will And Won't Tolerate For Our Daily Commute

    Research has found that people are willing to commute about 30 minutes to work, whether they were walking in ancient Rome or driving in Milwaukee. And that’s shaped the look of cities throughout history as modes of transportation have gotten faster.

  • How Police Are Enforcing The 'Safer At Home' Order

    We talk to a police chief about how he and other departments around Wisconsin are working to enforce Governor Evers’ order that residents largely stay in their homes to prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

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  • Dean Knetter Producer
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  • Tim Peterson Producer
  • Elena Terry Guest
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