Fleeing Honduras, Why Failing Matters, State News Roundup

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Tens of thousands of Central American youth are trying their way into the United States. A historian explains what’s behind the exodus. Plus, Rob Ferrett learns why failing can actually be good for us, and WPR’s news director gets us caught up on the most significant state news stories of the week.

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  • Weekly News Roundup: Supreme Court Ruling Affects Madison 'Buffer Zone'

    Here’s a rundown of some of the top news stories in Wisconsin this week:

    • Madison Will Stop Enforcing ‘Buffer Zone’ Between Protesters, Abortion Clinic Patients: The city attorney and police chief of Madison announced they’ll no longer enforce an ordinance that prohibits abortion protesters from coming within 8 feet of patients entering any health care facility. They cited the U.S. Supreme Court ruling striking down similar buffer zones in Massachusetts in their decision. The city will continue to enforce the parts of the ordinance that prevent protesters from physically blocking people from entering a facility.

    • New Requirements Begin For FoodShare Recipients In 3 Counties: As of Tuesday, people who receive FoodShare in Racine, Kenosha, and Walworth counties have to be working or going to school to continue receiving assistance. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services chose these three counties as test sites for the new requirements because it says their populations are representative of the rest of the state’s. The requirements will be implemented statewide next year.

    • Walker Continues Surveying Tornado Damage In Southern Wisconsin: In the past week, there have been three rounds of severe weather in southern Wisconsin. On Saturday night in the La Crosse area, thunderstorms and strong winds damaged buildings and trees and caused power outages for many people. On Sunday night, the National Weather Service says three tornadoes hit Iowa and Dane Counties. On Monday afternoon and evening, thunderstorms and high winds hit southern Wisconsin, causing over 100,000 customers to lose their power at some point during the storms. Monday’s weather also caused field and crop damage, as well as building damage.

    • Sen. Johnson Sues To Remove Health Insurance Subsidy For Congress, Staff: On Monday, a federal judge in Green Bay has a hearing to decide whether U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson has any legal standing to sue the federal government over part of the Affordable Care Act. In January, Johnson challenged part of the law that allows the federal government to pay about 70 percent of health care premiums for members of Congress and their staff. The Wisconsin senator says this part of the law is unfair to taxpayers because most members of Congress and their staff make too much money to qualify for subsidies.

  • Why Are Children Fleeing Honduras For The United States?

    Thousands of children are fleeing Honduras, seeking refuge in the United States. A historian explains what’s going on in Honduras that’s causing these kids to head out on their own…and how the United States is involved.

  • How Losing Can Help You Win

    The co-creator of the popular “Fail Fast, Fail Often” class at Standford University says failure is actually the key to success, and advocates for less planning and more doing.

  • State News Round-Up for July 4th, 2014

    Our news director joins us to discuss the top news in Wisconsin this week, including the impact of tornadoes in the state and a look ahead at Senator Ron Johnson’s legal challenge to the Affordable Care Act.

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