Fixing Health Care In America, Ancient Native American Remains Found In Wisconsin

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A surgeon and health policy expert joins the show to talk about why he thinks the cost of health care is eroding trust in medicine, and what we can do to fix it. Then, we discuss news that ancient Native American remains have been found at sites that Kohler Co. had slated for a golf competition.

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  • How To Restore America's Health Care System To Its Mission: Serving Patients

    Our guest says America’s health care system is broken, but that the movement to fix it is alive and well. We look at where he says it’s gone wrong, how it can be fixed and how we can get a better deal on our health care.

  • Ancient Native American Remains Unearthed At Kohler Golf Course Site

    A UW-Milwaukee archeology team encountered fragments of ancient Native American remains at several locations where the Wisconsin-based Kohler Co. envisions its third championship golf course in the state. We learn more aout what this means for the Kohler Co. and what this means big picture for Wisconsin’s First Nations.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Sarah Hopefl Technical Director
  • Bill Martens Producer
  • Natalie Guyette Producer
  • Dr. Marty Makary Guest
  • Jim Malewitz Guest

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