Fish Elevators, Learning Pods, Making A Will

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Sturgeon spawning
Sturgeon spawn along the Wolf River. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (CC-BY-ND)

A new study finds the number of people with a living will has declined over the last few years. We talk with an attorney about how to set one up. We also hear about learning pods designed for kids returning to school in a pandemic. Plus, how fish elevators are helping sturgeon spawn on the Menominee River.

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  • Elevator Helping Sturgeon Bypass Dams, Grow Their Numbers In Menominee River

    Sturgeon numbers in the Great Lakes have dwindled heavily over the years, due in part to dams blocking their spawning patterns. For the last several years, a fish elevator on the Menominee River has helped sturgeon find their way. We talk with two biologists about how it works and how they’re tracking their progress.

  • New Learning Pods Aimed To Help Students And Parents

    As many students in Wisconsin head back to virtual school, parents are trying to balance their jobs with their kids’ education. We look at how one group in the state is aiming to make the situation better for children and their parents.

  • What To Know About Making A Will, Estate Planning, Probate And More

    A new study shows that the number of people with a will or other estate planning document has been on the decline over the past few years. We talk about why it’s good to have that taken care of and answer your questions about wills, estate planning, probate and more.

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