First Time OWI Offenses, Wisconsin Frac Sand Boom, Gap Between Civilians And Military Members

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Frac sand mines and the communities they reside in have enjoyed good business for the past couple years, but how long will the boom last? We explore the current state of sand mining, and how it affects Wisconsin’s communities. We also discuss a recent report that says military members and civilians are more divided than ever, and look at coming legislation that if passed, would criminalize first time OWI offenses in Wisconsin.

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  • State Lawmaker To Introduce Bill That Would Criminalize First Time OWI Offenses

    First time OWI offenses would be criminalized in Wisconsin under new proposed legislation. One of the lawmakers behind the proposal makes the case for why it’s needed.

  • Northern Wisconsin's Frac Sand Economy

    The money from frac sand mines have helped some northern Wisconsin towns’ finances in recent years, but as oil prices slump questions arise over the future of that cash.

  • The Growing Gap Between Civilians And Military Members

    After two long wars in the Middle East, and the lowest military participation in more than 50 years, America’s armed forces are increasingly separate from regular society. That’s according to a recent report by the L.A. Times, which looks at the gap between military members and civilians, and how it affects us.

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