Felony Charges In 2016 Milwaukee County Jail Inmate Death, Why Fewer Startups Are Going Public, Praise And Blame In Everyday Life

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The author of a new book says praise is needed for growth of a healthy brain, and that our judgment choices, of ourselves and other people, can affect how long we live. We talk with the author to hear about where our internal patterns develop and how we can change them for the better. We also talk about why fewer startups are choosing to go public, and we unpack the news of felony charges in the 2016 dehydration death of a Milwaukee County Jail inmate.

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  • Charges Filed In 2016 Milwaukee County Inmate Dehydration Death

    Three employees of the Milwaukee County Jail face charges in the 2016 dehydration death of Terrill Thomas, an inmate. We talk with WPR News’ Chuck Quirmbach about the state of the case and learn about changes at the jail since Thomas’ death.

  • Fewer US Startup Companies Choosing To Go Public

    In the last 20 years, the number of companies publicly traded on the stock market has decreased by more than half. A major cause of the shift is that fewer startup companies are choosing to go public. An economic reporter joins us to share the reasons why startups are avoiding IPOs and why she thinks it could be a problem for the US economy.

  • How Praise And Blame Shape Our Everyday Lives

    The author of a new book says we begin to make judgments at just one year old. According to the writer, praise and blame shape our “judgment meters” from infancy to adulthood. We talk with the author about the results of her research and what she has learned about judgments in family, work and marital relationships.

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