Federal Voting Legislation, Sober Living In Milwaukee, Cyberattacks

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A sign points to a polling location Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020, in downtown Madison. Angela Major/WPR

Lawmakers in Congress are debating a federal overhaul of elections and voting. We discuss what it would mean for the way the country handles elections. Then we talk about a Milwaukee organization’s plans to create a sober living facility. And we look at how prepared the U.S. is for cyberattacks in light of a ransomware attack against a major oil pipeline.

Featured in this Show

  • US Senate Mulls Voting Rights Bill That Could Override New State Restrictions

    The U.S. Senate is considering a broad voting rights bill passed by the House that would protect absentee voting and create automatic voter registration. We talk with a voting law expert about what’s in the bill and how it could change the way we cast our ballots.

  • Milwaukee Sober Living Organization Expands Into Former Cream City Hostel

    A Milwaukee organization has moved in to the former building of Cream City Hostel in Milwaukee in order to expand their sober living housing options and make it their headquarters. We talk with the CEO about why he started the organization and continually advocates on the behalf of people on their own journey’s to sobriety.

  • How Prepared Is The U.S. From Cyberattacks?

    Colonial Pipeline Company says it’s working to restore operations after its East Coast pipeline was shut down from a ransomware cyberattack. We look at what happened, who’s responsible and how prepared U.S. infrastructure is against such attacks.

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