Federal Program To Support Farmers, Public Health Influencing Bathroom Designs, What Coronavirus Information To Believe

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We learn how past public health crises shaped modern bathroom design, and if the coronavirus may do the same. A medical doctor helps break down what is and is not true about coronavirus prevention and treatment. And we talk about the federal stimulus package to support farmers and ranchers affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Featured in this Show

  • Federal Program To Aid Farmers Affected By COVID-19 Outbreak

    The federal government is rolling out billions of dollars in aid payments to farmers as the effects of the coronavirus outbreak spread to the nation’s food supply system. We talk to an ag reporter about where the money will go, and how much it’ll help Wisconsin’s ag industry.

  • How Disease Prevention Influenced American Bathroom Design

    Gleaming tiles, white surfaces, and medicine cabinets help define the look of modern bathrooms. Many of those features evolved along with our knowledge of infectious diseases like tuberculosis and cholera. We learn about the history of bathroom design and whether COVID-19 could spur more changes.

  • A Doctor Answers Your Coronavirus Questions

    As testing and research ramps up, we’re learning more about coronavirus and COVID-19. We’re joined by an infectious disease specialist to answer your questions on transmission, symptoms, potential treatments, and more.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Rachael Vasquez Producer
  • Dean Knetter Producer
  • Ryan McCrimmon Guest
  • Elizabeth Yuko Guest
  • Dr. John O'Horo Guest

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