Federal Criminal Justice Reform, Americans Living Without Health Insurance, The State’s Birth Cost Recovery Program

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NPR’s White House reporter Ayesha Rascoe joins us to talk about her perspective on criminal justice reform on the federal level. We also follow up with a reporter who has spent the last year following the lives of several American families living without health insurance and we take a look at a state program that makes some unmarried fathers pay back Medicaid-covered costs of their child’s birth.

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  • What's Next For Criminal Justice Reform?

    In December, President Trump signed a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill, but many activists are hoping for more progress on the issue. NPR’s White House reporter comes by the studio to talk with us about what’s next for criminal justice reform on the federal level.

  • Why Some Wisconsin Fathers Have To Pay Back Costs Of Their Child's Birth To Medicaid

    A state program says, if a person is unmarried and gives birth while on Medicaid, the state can get back some of the costs of the birth from the father of the child. We discuss the details, and the arguments for and against the policy.

  • Stories Of Americans Trying To Make It Without Health Insurance, A Year Later

    For Americans going without health insurance, 2018 was a tumultuous year. We check in with Bloomberg Health News a year into their series reporting on the experiences of people “Risking It” without insurance.

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