Fast And Healthy Recipes, More Demand For Sewing Machines, Kenosha Update

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This week on Food Friday we talk about upping our general game in the kitchen, while looking at some simple and healthy recipes. We also talk about a boom in sewing machine sales during the pandemic with a Madison College sewing instructor. And we talk to a community leader to get the latest on what’s happening in Kenosha.

Featured in this Show

  • Food Friday: The Well-Plated Cookbook

    Tune in for another edition of Food Friday! This week, we talk about everyday cooking with a focus on simplicity, low-cost and healthfulness. We also look at some immediate ways to become a better cook, must-have kitchen tools, pantry staples and more.

  • Dusting Off The Sewing Machine During COVID-19

    Among the many industries and products feeling the mass consumer demand during the pandemic is the humble but mighty sewing machine, with sales spiking starting in April after the CDC recommended face masks to be worn by everyone. We talk with a Wisconsin sewing instructor about how this has impacted her classes and the power of the home sewer.

  • How One Community Organization Works To Address Racial Disparities In Kenosha

    The leader of the Kenosha Coalition for Dismantling Racism joins us to talk about the shooting of Jacob Blake by police, ongoing protests, and goals her organization has to end racial disparities in the community.

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