Farmer Counseling Hotline, Portland Protests, Debate Over Re-Opening Schools In Wisconsin

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The leader of a new 24-hour counseling program for farmers in Wisconsin tells us about the goals and workings of the project. Then we talk to an Oregon journalist about ongoing protests in the city, and the clashes between local and federal government over law enforcement in Portland. And an education expert discusses the different perspectives on re-opening schools in Wisconsin amid the pandemic.

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  • State Unveils New Counseling Hotline To Help Farmers

    The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection announced a new 24-hour hotline for farmers facing mental health issues. The program provides confidential counseling sessions for farmers. We speak with the head of the program to learn about the goals of the hotline.

    The hotline farmers can call is: 1-888-901-2558

  • Federal Law Enforcement Remains In Portland Amid State, Local Lawmakers' Call To Leave

    Local and state lawmakers in Oregon are demanding that federal agents leave the city of Portland, arguing that their presence is making the ongoing protests in the city worse. We’ll talk to a Portland-based journalist about the ongoing protests against the use of force by police and these agents, while they’ve occupied the city.

  • Schools Across Wisconsin Debate Reopening Or Going Virtual In The Fall

    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, schools throughout Wisconsin are debating whether they should reopen for the fall semester, or go online. Teachers’ unions throughout the state argue that it’s still too dangerous to resume in-person teaching. While some private school educators say that the lack of face-to-face instruction could be detrimental to learning. We talk with an educational expert to learn more.

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