Farm Bankruptices High In Midwest, Why Some Decades See Surge In Serial Killers, Credit For Care Bill

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2018 was a peak year for farm bankruptcies throughout the Midwest, including Wisconsin. We explore how this impacts the future of farming. We also talk about why some periods of history seem to have more serial killers than others, and we discuss the newly proposed bill backed by AARP that would create an income tax credit for Wisconsinites caring for a disabled or elderly person at home.

Featured in this Show

  • Farm Bankruptcies On The Rise In Wisconsin

    According to federal data, the number of farmers throughout the Midwest filing Chapter 12 bankruptcies reached a high point in 2018. We’ll learn what’s driving farmers to seek these protections and what it could mean for states like Wisconsin in the future.

  • What Led To The 'Golden Age' Of Serial Killers?

    Serial killers have been a subject of fascination in our pop culture for quite some time – to collectors of murderabilia to Netflix’s feature on Ted Bundy. We talk with an investigative historian about the so called “golden age” of serial killers and specualte on what lead to the big boom.

  • New Bill In Wisconsin Legislature Would Provide Tax Credit For Caregivers

    A bipartisan bill introduced in the state Legislature would provide a $1,000 tax credit for caregivers in Wisconsin if it’s passed by state lawmakers. We talk to a state Senator and activist about the bill and their goals for the legislation.

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