Fallout From Anonymous Anti-Trump Op-Ed, Number Of ADHD Cases In Youth Soars In Last 20 Years, Soda Consumption’s Steady Decline, Flooding Update

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President Donald Trump is dismissing an op-ed in the New York Times that’s said to be written by an anonymous senior administration official and is highly critical of the president. We discuss the Times’ defense of its publishing of the piece and the reaction from various politicians and media figures. We also get an update on the ongoing flooding situation across Wisconsin. Plus, a new study published last week has claimed that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is on the rise for America’s youth. We talk to a doctor about his experience with the disorder and what’s behind the increase. We also talk about why soda consumption has been steadily declining.

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  • Over The Past Two Decades, ADHD Rates Have Spiked For American Kids And Teens

    Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is on the rise here in America. That’s according to a new study published last week, which found that about ten percent of U.S. kids has been diagnosed with the disorder, compared to about six percent 20 years ago. We’re joined by a health expert to break down the data and look at the possible reasons behind the rise.

  • Why Soda Is Falling Out Of Favor

    In 2016, the sales of bottled water overtook the sales of soda. Many large companies are developing or acquiring products to appeal to consumers more health-conscious demands including several brands of sparkling water. We talk to a business reporter about trends were seeing in the beverage market and ask the question ‘What happened to soda-obsessed America?’.

  • Flooding Danger Remains Despite Dry Weather Forecast

    Drier weather is expected into next week across Wisconsin, but flooding will remain a threat for several more days. We get an update on which areas at most at risk, major road closures, damage estimates and more.

  • Analyzing The New York Times' Anonymous Anti-Trump Op-Ed

    The New York Times is standing by its decision to publish an anonymous opinion piece that’s highly critical of President Donald Trump. The company claims it was written by a senior administration official who identifies as part of the resistance. Calling the piece “gutless,” Trump demanded the paper reveal who the author is. We discuss the Times’ decision to run the op-ed and the various reactions to it.

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