Fact Check Of Job Growth Claims In The Gubernatorial Election, What Should The U.S. Do About ISIS?, This Week In Congress

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Job creation in Wisconsin has been a hot topic in this year’s gubernatorial election. We take a closer look at each campaign’s claims with a fact-checking expert. Then we discuss what the United States should do about ISIS and learn about what’s happening in Congress this week.

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  • Competing Claims Over Job Growth In Wisconsin

    Governor Walker and Democratic challenger Mary Burke’s have competing claims over job growth in Wisconsin. According to a recent ad from the Walker campaign, Wisconsin ranks third in the Midwest for job growth. Mary Burke on the other hand is telling voters that the state hasn’t seen enough growth during Walker’s time in office. In a recent ad from the Burke campaign she claimed that Wisconsin ranks dead last for job creation. We’ll fact check both claims.

  • Foreign Policy Expert Weighs In On U.S. Options To Combat ISIS

    ISIS just released a second video of an American journalist being beheaded. A foreign policy expert discusses the options the United States has to combatting the terrorist group in light of these execution videos.

  • This Week In Congress – September 3, 2014

    We get a weekly update on happenings in Congress from a political science expert.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
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