Extreme heat, Abortion ban complications

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We learn more about research projecting worsening extreme heat in the near future. Then, we talk to a doctor about how Wisconsin’s abortion ban is complicating miscarriages and pregnancy issues.

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  • Research: extreme heat will be commonplace in a few decades

    New research has found that by 2050, most of the U.S. will experience “extreme heat” — defined as at least one day each year of 125 degrees Fahrenheit or above. We look into how this will affect the country and Wisconsin.

  • How Wisconsin's near-total abortion ban is impacting people with pregnancy complications, miscarriages

    Wisconsin’s near-total ban on abortions is causing delays and denials of care for people with wanted pregnancies who experience complications or miscarriages. We talk to the interim-head of UW Health’s OB/GYN department about what navigating the uncertainty has been like for patients and medical professionals.

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