Exploring The Possibilities And Boundaries Of Cheesecake, The Impact Of Lower Hunting Numbers On Endangered Species, Flu Cases, Hospitalizations On The Rise In Wisconsin

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warm pumpkin bourbon cheesecake
This November 2, 2015 photo shows warm pumpkin bourbon cheesecake in Concord, NH. AP Photo/Matthew Mead

Cheesecake can take many shapes — we test the boundaries of ingredient combinations, while staying true to the dessert’s standard form for Food Friday. Then we talk to the head of a wildlife conservation organization about why endangered species need hunters. And we discuss Wisconsin’s flu season.

Featured in this Show

  • Food Friday: Experimenting With Cheesecake

    This week, we discuss some of the many spins we can put on a classic cheesecake. First, we find out how to get just the texture we want in our bakes. We also venture into savory options and even learn to make a vegan cheesecake.

  • The Threats Facing Endangered Species Due To Fewer Hunters

    Fewer and fewer people are going hunting in the U.S. We talk with the head of the National Wildlife Federation about why that means trouble for protecting endangered species.

  • Flu Cases, Hospitalizations On The Rise In Wisconsin

    The Wisconsin Department of Health Services reports Thursday that there has been a spike in flu cases across the state and more people have been hospitalized as a result. We’ll talk to a public health official about the flu season and how to stay healthy.

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