Exploring Entrenched Power In America, Wisconsin Water Quality Legislation, New EPA Plan To Calculate Health Risks Of Air Pollution

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Well Water
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We discuss the deep relationship between power, politics and wealth in America with a former Clinton White House advisor. Then two Republican lawmakers tell us about several pieces of legislation in the Wisconsin Senate aimed at improving water quality. And we look at a proposal from the Environmental Protection Agency that would change the way health risks from air pollution are calculated.

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  • The History Of 'Entrenchment' In American Politics And Society

    The entrenchment of wealth, social status and political power has been one of the defining issues in American democracy. That’s according to our guest, who talks with us about the historical struggle to dislodge established power structures and solidify new ones.

  • Lawmakers Address Water Quality Issues

    There are several bills in the Wisconsin Senate aimed at protecting and improving water quality in the state, including addressing high nitrates levels in private well water. We talk to a pair of Republican lawmakers who are involved with the proposed legislation.

  • A Look At EPA's New Plan To Calculate Health Risks Of Air Pollution

    The Trump administration is planning to change the way it reports the health risks of air pollution, a move that could lower the number of reported deaths each year. We look at the scope of the proposed shift and what it could mean for climate change protections.

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