Explaining Evers’ Popularity, Anniversary Of The Birth Control Pill, New Wisconsin Rental Assistance Program

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Tony Evers signs an executive order
Gov. Tony Evers signs an executive order creating a nonpartisan redistricting commission on Monday, Jan. 27, 2020. Laurel White/WPR

A Wisconsin journalist joins us to discuss Governor Tony Evers’ strong popularity among Democrats, and even relative popularity among Republicans. Then we talk with an American Studies and history professor about the timeline of the birth control pill in America. And we find out what’s in a new package of aid for renters in Wisconsin.

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  • A Look At What's Behind Evers' High Support In Wisconsin

    In last week’s Marquette University Law School poll, 59 percent approve of the job Gov. Evers is doing. That includes high support from Democrats and relatively high marks from independents and Republicans. We look at what’s driving Evers’ popularity in Wisconsin.

  • The Birth Control Pill Turns 60

    This month — just days before the birth control pill’s 60th anniversary in America — the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in a case that could allow some employers to deny coverage of it based on moral or religious grounds. A historian tells us about the pill’s impact on American life and the obstacles that still lie ahead.

  • State Unveils New Assistance Program For Renters

    Governor Tony Evers’ unveiled a new $25 million dollar assistance program for renters impacted by the economic fallout tied to COVID-19. We speak with Wisconsin Department of Administration Secretary Joel Brennan about the W.R.A.P. plan.

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