Ex-cop Charged In Shooting Death Of Sylville Smith, Due Process For Wisconsin Youth, Legal Advice For Electors

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Former Presidential candidate Lawrence Lessig is leading an effort to provide legal advice for members of the Electoral College who may be thinking of changing their vote. We find out what their rights and options are and what they would need to do to exercise them. Nearly 40 years ago, Wisconsin’s laws were reformed to give youth in the criminal justice system more consistent access to due process. We talk with one of the lawyers who spearheaded those reforms about that piece of state history, and where the issue stands today. And we get an update on the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s decision to file a criminal complaint against the ex-police officer who fatally shot Sylville Smith.

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  • Former Milwaukee Officer Charged In Fatal Shooting Of Sylville Smith

    The Milwaukee ex-police officer who shot and killed Sylville Smith has been charged with first-degree reckless homicide. We get an update on the case.

  • Wisconsin's Dark History Of Juvenile Detention

    Four decades ago, children in Wisconsin could be jailed or committed to a mental institution without as much as a hearing. A leader of the movement to secure due process for Wisconsin youth shares the story of that effort and how it changed things for youth offenders going forward.

  • Lawrence Lessig's Electors Trust Project

    Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig is offering free legal counsel to members of the electoral college who choose not to vote for Trump. So far, Lessig says he’s heard from 20 interested Republicans, about half the number necessary to block Trump’s official win. We’ll hear from Lessig today about the status of the project and why he’s backing the effort.

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