Evers Declares Public Health Emergency, The Money Behind Sewing Doubt Of Science, A Farmer On Water Quality Bills, European Travel Ban

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WPR’s health reporter gives us the latest on Tony Evers’ response to COVID-19. Then we discuss current “dark money” behind efforts to discredit science — like happened with smoking tobacco decades ago. We also talk to a farmer about a package of state bills trying to improve farm and water quality. And we discuss the impact of a 30-day European travel ban.

Featured in this Show

  • COVID-19 Behind Evers Declaration Of Public Health Emergency

    Governor Tony Evers announced he’s directing the Department of Health Services to contain and prevent further outbreak of the respiratory disease COVID-19 in Wisconsin. We talk with a WPR health reporter about what’s included in the order.

  • How Dark Money Groups Have Raised Doubt About Science

    The tobacco industry notoriously raised doubt about the health effects of cigarette smoking decades ago. We talk to the former head of the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration under the Obama administration about his new book on dark money groups questioning science today.

  • Farmers Back Bills That Promote Farm And Water Quality Improvements

    Farmers and other agricultural groups spoke at the state Capitol Thursday to show support of a package of bills that aim to improve farm and water quality. We talk with a farmer who came out to support the proposed legislation.

  • The Impacts Of President Trump's 30-Day Ban On Travel From Europe

    Last night, President Trump announced a 30-day ban on travel from most of Europe, saying it was an important move to slow the spread of COVID-19. We talk with an expert on immigration law about the impact it will have on travelers and how effective it might be.

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