Evaluating Trump’s Moves On Further Stimulus, What’s Behind Birds Singing, Evers Latest Executive Order

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Governor Tony Evers addresses the public while wearing a mask
Gov. Tony Evers addresses the public during a Department of Health Services media briefing Aug. 13, 2020. Wisconsin Department of Health Services via YouTube

An economist gives us her take on what’s going on with economic recovery legislation that may or may not be happening, based on a series of conflicting Tweets from President Trump. Then a UW researcher tells us what her team has discovered about why birds sing. And WPR’s state capitol bureau chief explains Governor Evers’ new executive order limiting interior gatherings.

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  • President Trump Shuts Down Stimulus Talks, Suggests Narrower Relief Bills

    After weeks of negotiations on another economic relief package, President Trump tweeted that he wouldn’t sign a stimulus before the election. He later said he was open to narrow bills for things like direct checks to citizens and support for the airline industry. We talk with an economist about what it all means for the months ahead.

  • Why Do Songbirds Sing?

    New research from UW-Madison shows that songbirds sing because it is a rewarding social interaction that releases a naturally produced opioid in the brain. We talk to the head researcher about these findings and their implications for people with social anxiety.

  • New Order Limits Size Of Indoor Gatherings In Wisconsin

    The Evers administration has issued a new executive order that limits the size of indoor gatherings. This is a response to a recent spike in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in Wisconsin. We get the details of the order, and the expected challenges to it.

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