English Majors, Municipal Revenue Sources, New Immigration Center

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Reading, library, New York
People read in the Rose Main Reading Room of the New York Public Library. Mark Lennihan/AP Photo.

A new center would provide border agents with classified intelligence. We hear why it has some legal experts concerned. We also look at the options to raise revenue available to cities and counties. Plus, a guest makes the case for the importance of English majors.

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  • Why English Majors Are In High Demand

    According to federal data, the number of English majors has dropped by more than 25 percent since the Great Recession. As student enrollment in science, technology, engineering and math surges, some prominent economists are calling for an English revival. Our guest explains why.

  • How State Law Limits Local Governments' Ability To Raise Revenue

    To help fill an $11 million budget gap, Madison drivers will soon pay a $40 vehicle registration fee, or wheel tax. Meanwhile, Milwaukee County leaders want to raise the county sales tax from 0.5 to 1.5 percent. We look at what local governments can and cannot do to raise revenue to balance budgets.

  • National Vetting Center Would Give Border Agents Access To Classified Intelligence

    The new National Vetting Center will provide border patrol agents with classified intelligence to vet travelers and asylum seekers. It has some legal experts worried about the impact it could have on how asylum claims get handled. We talk with a reporter based near the southern border about the development.

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