Enforcing Child Abuse Laws, Benefits Of Being Cold, Toddler Food Unhealthy

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It’s natural for parents to want the best for their infant or toddler, but a new study shows children’s food contains high levels of sugar and sodium. We discuss how kids’ eating habits today can affect their future well-beings. We also learn about the enforcement of child abuse laws, and explore the possible health benefits of being cold.

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  • Nonprofit Says U.S. Government Isn't Doing Enough To Protect Children

    A new report released from the Children’s Advocacy Institute suggests that the U.S. government is falling significantly short in its attempts to keep the nation’s children safe.

    The Administration for Childhood and Families estimates that nearly 680,000 children across the country were victims of abuse and neglect in fiscal year 2013. It also estimates that about 1,500 children died.

    But, according to Amy Harfeld, the institute’s director and attorney, those estimates are likely off due to underreporting.

    “It’s hard to quantify, especially with kids who are less likely to report it out of fear,” Harfield said. “Child abuse is grossly undermeasured. We believe (680,000) is a third of the actual number.”

    The institute says that all three branches of the federal government fail to properly enact, monitor and enforce federal child welfare laws, and it comes with a giant cost to both the well-being of children and to taxpayers.

    Harfield said that all child welfare spending across the country amounts to about $9 billion. Prevent Child Abuse America estimates the total direct and indirect cost of child abuse and neglect to be $80 billion. That number accounts for medical costs, incarceration, homelessness, drug use and lost income from underemployment.

    “We underspend on this population in terms of prevention and services for kids who have already been victimized, and we don’t serve them well while they’re in care, and we don’t serve them well when they leave care. And what we see is that we pay down the road,” Harfield said.

  • Report: Child Abuse, Neglect Laws Aren't Being Properly Enforced In U.S.

    According to a new report, laws that are supposed to protect children from abuse and neglect are often not being properly enforced. One of the report’s authors talks about the federal government’s fault in this, and what can be done in an attempt to fix the problem.

  • The Health Benefits Of Being Cold

    As we try to stay warm through the rest of winter, a doctor says we may be trying too hard. It turns out that there are some health benefits to being a little cold–and health costs of staying too warm.

  • Study: Toddler Foods Contain Too Much Salt, Sugar

    A new study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention says many store-bought toddler foods contain high amounts of sodium and sugar, while most infant foods are low sodium. We’ll talk about the short- and long-term health implications for children.

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