End of the babysitting era, Treating schizophrenia, Dangers of processed foods

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A sea of sweet potato chips comes out of the frier after getting kettle-cooked in avocado oil. (Joe Schulz/WPR)

An author shares her memories of babysitting and why the job seems to be disappearing. We also find out about the most effective ways to treat schizophrenia. Plus, why ultra-processed foods have such bad impacts on our health.

Featured in this Episode

  • The bygone era of teen babysitters

    For decades, babysitting was a rite of passage for many preteen and teenage girls. But now, rising costs of living and changing norms around childcare have largely made the teenage “sitter” a thing of the past. A journalist joins us for a look at the rise and fall of babysitting.

  • Better schizophrenia treatment is out there — what's standing in the way?

    The medical field has made advancements in treatment for schizophrenia, but not everyone has access to them. A psychiatrist joins us to explain what options are available and what barriers exist.

  • Just how bad are ultra-processed foods?

    A new review of the research on ultra-processed foods links them to over 30 health problems. A nutrition expert helps us understand what exactly ultra-processed foods are, and what we can eat instead.

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