Elevated Numbers In Early Voting Turnout, Health Care Costs Climbing Faster Than Wages, How Celebrity Endorsements Can Influence Politics

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Absentee ballot from the 2012 presidential election
An absentee ballot from the 2012 presidential election. Michael Leland/WPR

Across the country, data shows that workers and employers are steadily paying more and more for health benefits, and those costs are growing at faster rates than household incomes. We explore nationwide trends and the impact on Americans. On the Wisconsin news roundup, we learn about early voter turnout in the state. We also discuss how much of an impact endorsements by celebrities and well-known politicians have on the political scene.

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  • State News Roundup – October 26, 2018

    Early voting totals are strong in Wisconsin’s two biggest cities. We look at the numbers from Milwaukee and Madison and how they compare with previous midterm elections. We also discuss the criminal investigation into the Milwaukee Health Department and an effort to create a national park in Door County.

  • Report Shows Healthcare Costs Exceed Wage Gains For Workers

    A new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows the cost of healthcare among people who get health insurance from their employer is rising, and rising faster than wage gains for employees. We break down the results with one of the study’s authors.

  • The Power Of High-Profile Endorsements In The Political Realm

    Several big-name politicians–such as President Trump and former-President Barack Obama–have visited Wisconsin to campaign for members of their respective parties ahead of the midterm election. We talk to Meredith Conroy, Assistant Professor of Political Science at California State University-San Bernardino, about the power and pitfalls of political endorsements.

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