Electoral maps challenge, Rural upbringing

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A poster showing a map of Wisconsin is displayed in front of state senators at a hearing.
A map created by Republicans in the state Legislature is displayed during a hearing on Oct. 28, 2021, at the Wisconsin State Capitol. Sen. Jeff Smith sits on the left. Angela Major/WPR

We look at a new lawsuit challenging Wisconsin’s electoral maps, with the help of a political science and law expert. Then, we talk to the author of a new book on growing up in rural America and the difference forces that shaped her upbringing.

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  • With new balance on state's highest court, lawsuit challenges electoral maps

    As the balance of the State Supreme Court tips toward liberals, a new lawsuit challenges Wisconsin’s Republican-drawn electoral maps. We talk with a political scientist and court watcher about where the case could go.

  • A tale of two vastly different lives

    We talk to the author of a memoir about her girlhood in small town Arkansas, and her analysis of how the larger forces of poverty, education, religion and politics affected how she and her brilliant childhood best friend ended up having very different lives.

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  • Kealey Bultena Host
  • Rob Ferrett Host
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  • Beatrice Lawrence Producer
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