Education Funding, Lifeguard Shortage, Effort To Study Health Disparities

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The Walter Bauman Aquatic Center in Middleton
The Walter Bauman Aquatic Center in Middleton opened as scheduled even though many community pools around Wisconsin chose to remain closed for the season because of the coronavirus pandemic. In this June 23, 2020 photo, swimmers practice social distancing and are encouraged to wear face masks when out of the water. Shamane Mills/WPR

Republicans in the state legislature have approved education funding that’s more than a billion dollars short of what Gov. Evers proposed. We get the latest. Then, we talk about how a lifeguard shortage is affecting the state’s pools. And, we talk about an effort by UW-Madison to research health disparities.

Featured in this Show

  • Republicans, Gov. Evers Clash Over Education Funding

    There’s a billion dollar gap between what Wisconsin Republicans and Democratic Gov. Tony Evers say is needed for education funding in the state. We talk to a political reporter and a public policy professor about the debate.

  • Swimming Pools Facing A Lifeguard Shortage This Summer

    Swimming pools around the nation are opening later this summer or at reduced capacity because there aren’t enough lifeguards. We look at what’s driving the shortage and what’s being done to attract more lifeguards.

  • UW-Madison Launching Center To Study Health Disparities

    A new center at UW-Madison will be studying health disparities in Wisconsin and beyond. Its early work will look at health outcomes in the state’s different neighborhoods. We talk with a doctor leading the research about the big questions she’s hoping to answer.

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