Education and economic well-being, Institutionalization of children

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An author shares his book looking at how the education system aligned itself with setting up the economic pathways. Then, we talk to a writer and a disability rights advocate about a trend of institutionalizing children with disabilities.

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  • Public education wasn't always about career preparation

    A historian discusses his new book about how a college degree came to be seen as the main path to economic security for Americans—and why this “education myth,” as he calls it, has persisted despite failing to live up to its promises.

  • Institutionalizing children with disabilities: a personal story and Wisconsin perspective

    A writer shares some of her story of learning about — and meeting — an aunt who had been institutionalized decades ago. And an expert from Disability Rights Wisconsin tells us about how the state followed a national trend of institutionalizing children with disabilities, before moving to try to keep families together more.

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