Economy Check-In During Coronavirus Challenges, COVID-19 And Wisconsin’s Churches, Walmart Escapes Opioid Lawsuit

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We discuss economic impacts of the coronavirus outbreak, including rising unemployment, with a UW-Madison economist. Then the Milwaukee Archbishop shares how Wisconsin churches are adjusting plans to keep people safe. And we talk to a journalist who reported on Walmart and a potential lawsuit around filling suspicious opioid prescriptions.

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  • As Unemployment Rises, A Look at Economic Challenges And The Government's Response

    With large parts of the economy shut down due to COVID-19, new jobless claims have spiked, trade is slowing and gas prices have dropped sharply. We talk with an economist about where the impacts are being felt the most and how much the government’s response is likely to help.

  • A Look At How Wisconsin Churches Are Dealing With Coronavirus

    The archdiocese of Milwaukee has canceled all public Holy Week and Easter masses due to the coronavirus outbreak. Instead, the services will be live streamed. Archbishop Jerome Listecki talks about the decision and the challenges the virus has posed to churches, especially during Lent.

  • Walmart Nearly Charged For Opioid Practices Before Top DOJ Appointees Stepped In

    Walmart was on the verge of criminal indictment for filling suspicious opioid prescriptions around the country, but prosecutors were shut down by Trump appointees at the Department of Justice. That’s according to new reporting from ProPublica. We talk with the journalist who broke the story.

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  • Judith Siers-Poisson Host
  • Dean Knetter Producer
  • Bill Martens Producer
  • Menzie Chinn Guest
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