Eau Claire Home To The ‘Snow Shoe Beer Mile,’ What Do You Miss About Life Before The Internet?, President Trump Addresses Nation

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Several WPR staff members say roadmaps are one of the things they miss about life before the internet.
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A running group in Eau Claire is hoping to hold the fourth Snowshoe Beer Mile very soon, which combines the concept of a Beer Mile with the wonder of snowshoes. We learn more about the motivations behind this quirky race from one of the founders and the race record holder. We also take the time to think about what we miss most about life prior to the age of the internet and we discuss President Trump’s first address to the nation.

Featured in this Show

  • An Analysis Of President Trump's First Address To The Nation

    In his first prime-time address to the nation, President Trump cited a growing humanitarian and national security crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border. We unpack his speech, the response from Democratic leadership in Congress, and where it leaves negotiations over the government shutdown.

  • Snowshoe Beer Mile Yet Another Idea For A Fun Wisconsin Winter

    If you thought Wisconsin winter’s were boring, think again. An Eau Claire running group is heading into their fourth year of hosting one unique athletic event, emphasis on the unique. They call it the Snowshoe Beer Mile and it involves a participant to quickly drink a beer before attempting to run their best mile time with snowshoes clamped on. We talk to a guest who is the founder and record holder of the event.

  • What Do You Miss About Life Before The Internet?

    In today’s world, the older generations are trying to figure out how to navigate the internet while the younger ones have never lived without it. In many ways, our lives have become easier and much more connected. But there also many things to be missed. We talk to a researcher of everything internet and ask you, ‘What do you miss most about life before the internet?’.

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