E. Coli Outbreak Reaches Wisconsin, The New ‘Avon’ And ‘Tupperware’ Are On Facebook, The Future Of Catholicism

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One person from Wisconsin has been confirmed ill in the E. coli outbreak tied to romaine lettuce from Yuma, Arizona. We discuss what the outbreak means for consumers and U.S. food safety practices. Then, if you’re a Facebook user, you may see friends or family talking about “That Crazy Wrap Thing!” or LuLaRoe on your news feed. We find out how multi-level marketing has graduated from the Avon party to virtual sales. We also talk to the author of a new book about evolving Catholicism.

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  • Romaine Lettuce-Linked E. Coli Outbreak Reaches Wisconsin

    22 states have reported illnesses linked to bad romaine lettuce, now including Wisconsin. We discuss what the E. coli outbreak means for consumers and examine food safety practices in the U.S.

  • Multi-Level Marketing Is Bigger Than Ever And In Your News Feed

    While Avon and Tupperware parties have faded into the background, the new wave of multi-level marketing companies can be found 24/7 in your Facebook news feed. There are more companies than ever before, including some you might recognize such as LuLaRoe selling leggings, YOUnique with makeup and skin care items, and It Works! selling “That Crazy Wrap Thing!”. We find out more about who’s doing the selling and if it’s paying off from a journalist.

  • How Pope Francis Is Changing The Catholic Church

    Pope Francis has been at the head of the Catholic Church for five years now. Many on the outside like his approach and values, but he can be a polarizing figure for Catholics. We’ll look at his papacy so far.

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