Drunk Driving Limit, Intellectual Property Laws, New Guidelines For Women On Drinking And Pregnancy

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The Center for Disease Control has released new guidelines for how women should use alcohol if they’re pregnant, or want to get pregnant. An expert joins us to discuss the new regulations. We also talk intellectual property law, and discuss a national recommendation to lower the legal blood alcohol content limit.

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  • National Transportation Safety Board Wants To Reduce Legal Blood Alcohol Limit

    The National Transportation Safety Board has recommended states reduce their legal limit for divers’ blood alcohol content from .08 to .05 percent. Our guest explains why the board is pushing for this change, and whether or not states will adopt the measure.

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    A Wisconsin performer was shocked to see her act go viral–when performed by someone else, without permission. She shares her experiences in the wild world of online intellectual property.

  • CDC Says Women Of Childbearing Age Shouldn't Drink Alcohol Unless They're On Birth Control

    Until recently, people thought it was acceptable to have a drink or two during pregnancy, especially for the first few weeks before a woman knows that she’s pregnant or in the third trimester. But last week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new guidelines on fetal alcohol prevention. We talk to an OB-GYN from Wisconsin about these guidelines and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

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