Drinking water, Badgers football update, Electrical fire risk investigation

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A UW-Madison professor shares the new study he co-authored that answers how much water we need to drink in a day. Then, we’re joined by a sports columnist for the latest on the Wisconsin Badgers new head football coach and their upcoming bowl game. Later, we talk to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter about her continued investigations into the risk of electrical fires in Milwaukee homes.

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  • How much water should we drink a day? It's complicated

    A UW-Madison professor co-authored a new study that takes a different approach to measuring how much water a person should drink in a day. We’ll find out why the answer varies by each individual person.

  • Wisconsin Badgers name new head football coach, selected for bowl game

    We talk with a sports reporter about the Wisconsin Badgers new head football coach hire, and where the team will be playing their bowl game this winter.

  • Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel continues investigative series into electrical fire risk, oversight

    The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel continues its investigative series looking into the risk of electrical fires across Milwaukee, with the latest piece focusing on the story of one landlord and one tenant. We talk to the journalist behind the story, and hear about efforts by activists and local elected officials to create accountability.

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