The Downfalls Of Extreme Saving, Cover Me Veterans Group, Security Concerns Around Pokemon Go

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A Wisconsin nonprofit is looking to cut down on suicides among military veterans by covering their guns with meaningful images. Our guest explains the strategy behind the group’s efforts, and talks about responses to the campaign. We also discuss the pitfalls of being an extreme saver, and we talk to a technology reporter about the security concerns cropping up around the new popular mobile game, Pokemon Go.

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  • Are Extreme Saving Plans Worth Celebrating?

    The media loves stories that celebrate people who eat ramen noodles every night and live on shoe string budgets to pay off debt, but our guest says we need to stop reinforcing the narrative that personal debt is the fault of the individual instead of the bigger economic forces at work.

  • Trying To Interrupt Veteran Suicides

    A new effort in Wisconsin is working to interrupt suicide attempts by veterans through a personalized sleeve on the firearm to remind vets what matters to them.

  • Cyber Security Concerns Over Pokemon Go

    Pokemon Go has become a national sensation since its release on July 6. Walking down the street, you’re likely to see both kids and adults walking around, staring at their phones. That’s because they’re trying to capture the little monsters known as Pokemon that are appearing alongside real-life objects as they play the game. But now cyber security experts warn that signing up for the mobile game can mean compromising your information. We talk to a technology reporter about the cyber security and real-life concerns surrounding the new mobile game.

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