Dow Jones Hits All-Time High, Financial Diaries

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Hard work and steady saving are meant to be tickets to success in America, but many families are finding that isn’t enough. We hear about a project that brings together the financial diaries of over two hundred low and middle-income families as they navigate one year of life. The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit an all-time high this week, something President Trump hailed as a victory. We talk about the new record and how the stock market affects the majority of Americans.

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  • Dow Hits New High, But Does That Mean Much For You?

    The Dow Jones industrial average hit an all-time high at closing yesterday, crossing the 22,000 threshold for the first time. But for everyday Americans, does that milestone matter? A reporter breaks down the factors behind the growing numbers, what it says about our economy, and what it might mean for those with…or without…money in the market.

  • Financial Uncertainty Is A Huge Challenge For American Families

    A team of researchers investigated the financial realities of hundreds of American families through frequent interviews and detailed spending diaries. They were surprised to learn that inconsistent income and spending were more of a challenge than the level of household earnings.

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