Does Thanksgiving Require A Turkey?, A Historical Look At How Presidents And Media Interact

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When you think of Thanksgiving meals, the turkey might be the first thing that comes to mind. But not everyone thinks turkey is the main attraction, or even a requirement. We talk about the role of turkey gracing the Thanksgiving table. We also take a dive into the history of presidents and the media. And we get an update on the legislative debate over the Kimberly-Clark incentive package.

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  • Lawmakers Still Considering Kimberly-Clark Incentive Package

    State lawmakers are still debating whether to approve a $70 million incentive package for the Kimberly-Clark Corporation. In January, the paper product company announced it would need to shutter two plants in the Neenah area, leading to the loss of some 400 jobs. We talk to WPR State Capitol reporter Laurel White about the latest in the discussions and the challenges the package might face.

  • Is It Still Thanksgiving Without Turkey?

    Model and author Chrissy Teigen made headlines recently when she tweeted that pretty much anything is preferable to turkey on Thanksgiving – including ham, dog food and a cardboard box. However, according to the National Turkey Foundation, 88 percent of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving. We get opposing perspectives on whether you can still have Thanksgiving without the bird.

  • A Historical Look At Past U.S. Presidents' Relationship With The Press

    CNN is suing the Trump administration after it revoked the credentials of White House correspondent Jim Acosta. We discuss the tense relationship between Trump and the press and look at how previous presidents have handled the media.

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