Does Our State Need A Gun Violence Restraining Order Law?, Do We Support New Mothers Enough?

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Expectant mothers receive a lot of attention in the months prior to birth. But what kind of help does the mother get after leaving the hospital? We talk with a guest who believes the United States fails to establish a system of support for new mothers. We also talk with an advocate for a so-called “gun violence restraining order” law in Wisconsin.

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  • Does Wisconsin Need A Gun Violence Restraining Order Law?

    As the nation continues to grapple with last week’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida, in which a gunman took the lives of 17 individuals, there’s been plenty of debate over how to prevent the next tragedy from happening…and how to stop guns from ending up in the hands of those who shouldn’t have them. One proposed solution for Wisconsin? A gun-violence restraining order law, or a legal tool that would allow people like teachers, parents or local officials to petition a court to temporarily take an individual’s guns right away, should that person demonstrate that they pose a significant danger to his or herself…or others. An advocate for the idea explains.

  • Do We Support New Mothers Enough?

    When someone close to us is having a baby, we throw and attend a baby shower, open doors and carry heavy objects, ask about morning sickness and ultrasounds. But what do we do for the new mother once the baby has arrived? According to our guest, the United States neglects to support a new mother in the transition from person to mother. We talk about cultural differences in treating a new mother and more.

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