Does More Technology Mean Less Intelligence?, Slowdown In Replacing Lincoln Hills, Colleges Reopening Amid COVID-19

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A pair of professors speak to us about their book looking at the deep human impacts of two centuries of technological advances. And we talk with a reporter about some factors behind slowed efforts to replace a youth prison in central Wisconsin. And we talk about how colleges are weighing their reopening plans as some schools have had COVID-19 outbreaks as students return to campus.

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  • 'Is The Digital Age Making Us Stupid?:' How Technology Has Changed How We Feel, Express Ourselves And Live Our Lives Over Two Centuries

    There are a lot of worries surrounding technology these days ranging from concerns that social media is shrinking our attention spans and increasing our self-obsession, to Google enabling us to the point of stupidity. We talk to the authors of a book that digs into Americans’ attitudes and concerns with technology over the last two centuries.

  • Plan To Replace Lincoln Hills Youth Prison With Regional Facilities Hits More Snags

    More counties are backing away from plans to create new youth detention facilities to replace the Lincoln Hills prison in northern Wisconsin. We find out what local governments are objecting to and what it means for the young people in custody.

  • How College Campuses Weigh Reopening Amid COVID-19

    Colleges across the country are planning to reopen in various configurations–in-person, remotely, or a hybrid of the two–for the fall semester. But outbreaks of COVID-19 on campuses, such as Notre Dame and UNC, have colleges rethinking their plans. We talk to a higher education journalist about how colleges are handling COVID-19 for the upcoming school year.

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