DNR board, Wisconsin abortion lawsuit, History of the mall

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A sign for a natural gas pipeline is pictured with wind turbines
A sign for a natural gas pipeline is pictured with wind turbines behind it Wednesday, June 30, 2021, in Okarche, Okla. Sue Ogrocki/AP Photo

We learn more about the state Supreme Court’s ruling leaving a DNR board member active after his term expired. Then, we hear from conservative attorneys on a lawsuit against Wisconsin’s abortion ban. Later, an author shares her new book on the history and cultural impact of the shopping mall.

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  • Fred Prehn gets to stay on the Natural Resources Board despite an expired term

    We learn more about a Wisconsin Supreme Court decision to allow a Natural Resources Board member to remain in his position despite having an expired term, and what that means for the policy of the Department of Natural Resources going forward.

  • Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty responds to lawsuit challenging Wisconsin's abortion ban

    The president of a conservative law firm weighs in on Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul’s lawsuit against the state’s 1849 ban on most abortions.

  • 'Meet Me by the Fountain' explores the cultural history of the American shopping mall

    Architecture and design writer Alexandra Lange thinks shopping malls haven’t been seriously studied, so she wrote a book about them. We talk with Lange about her book, which chronicles how malls’ architecture and design play an important role in their cultural significance.

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