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Walking is not only great exercise, but recent research suggests it can boost your creativity, as well. So, to get inspired, Veronica Rueckert and Rob Ferrett ask you to share your favorite places to take a walk in the state. They also discuss the just-released Wisconsin Poverty Report and learn about a summit taking place in Madison that aims to get the public and private sectors together on issues of economic development, leadership and diversity.

Featured in this Show

  • Economic Development, Diversity, Leadership: How They Connect

    The Madison Region’s Economic Development, Diversity and Leadership Summit starts tomorrow. We explore the links between economic development, diversity and leadership.

  • New Report Says Poverty In Wisconsin Has Dropped, But Not To Pre-Recession Levels

    The UW’s Institute for Research on Poverty just released its Wisconsin Poverty Report, which shows poverty levels are down but not to pre-recession levels. The institute’s director joins us to explain the report’s findings and what can be done to help ease the burden of poverty in Wisconsin.

  • Share Something: Great Walks In Wisconsin

    New research shows that walking boosts our creativity, in addition to its health benefits. So where’s a great place to go walking in Wisconsin? Share your favorite strolls–urban, rural, nature, or elsewhere.

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