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Filmmaker Werner Herzog takes on texting and driving in his new film, but do high-profile campaigns like this work in reducing distracted driving? Rob Ferrett and Cynthia Schuster find out, and learn what else is being done to reduce distraction on the road. Then, is your inbox taking over your life? Rob and Cynthia speak to a guest who says it is. They’ll also hear another perspective on news that more teachers are being fired after Act 10 became law.

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  • New Texting While Driving Film Could Have Major Impact

    Texting while driving remains a stubborn problem in the United States, but a new documentary could soon change that.

    “From One Second to the Next” is the work of filmmaker Werner Herzog. He’s known for creating documentaries that tackle issues related to death and loss.

    Pam Moen, assistant vice president of public affairs for AAA-Wisconsin, said she’s confident the film will deter drivers from pulling out their phones while behind the wheel.

    Moen cited a recent AAA study that found four approaches to getting people to stop texting while the drive. These approaches include confronting drivers with potential tragic consequences, communicating the guilt and shame of an accident, using dramatic messaging without being fear-based, and enlisting those who are most impacted by distracted driving.

    Moen said that the film fulfills all of these criteria.

    The 35-minute film features interviews with drivers who’ve admitted to texting and driving, as well as victims.

    An adapted version of the film will be shown in high schools across the country, starting this year.