Disney-Fox Acquisition, Wisconsin’s Impaired Waters, Wisconsin Sports Update

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This week, Aaron Rodgers was cleared by doctors to play football again. We talk with a sports writer about Green Bay’s playoff hopes and other Wisconsin sports news. We also look into a list of impaired waterways in the state and what’s being done about pollution in lakes and rivers. The Walt Disney Company will buy most of the assets for Rupert Murdoch’s conglomerate, 21st Century Fox. An expert tells us what it means for the entertainment landscape.

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  • Disney To Acquire Parts Of Murdoch's Fox In Merger

    The Walt Disney Company will buy most of the assets for Rupert Murdoch’s conglomerate, 21st Century Fox for roughly $52.4 billion. We ask an expert what the union of two Hollywood heavyweights could mean for the entertainment landscape in the U.S. and beyond.

  • Wisconsin's List Of Impaired Waters Growing

    This year, 240 areas of water were added to the Department of Natural Resources’ list of the state’s impaired waterways. The most common pollutant on the list is phosphorus, which can cause toxic cyanobacteria to thrive in lakes and rivers. We look into how the DNR compiles the impaired waters list and what they’re able to do once pollution is identified.

  • Wisconsin Sports Update

    A Wisconsin sports writer checks in for an update on the Packers playoff hopes, the Badger football bowl game prediction, and the rising stock of the Milwaukee Bucks.

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