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Boy with Type 1 diabetes pricks finger to test blood sugar levels
Weston Murphy, 5, who has Type 1 diabetes, pricks his finger to test his blood at his home in Plainfield, Ill. in 2015. Nam Y. Huh/AP Photo

We talk to a nutritionist about preparing holiday meals for people who have diabetes. Then, a student loan advisor shares what we need to know about loan repayments and forgiveness plans.

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  • Food Friday: Holiday cooking for loved ones with diabetes

    Family holiday meals can be more difficult for people with diabetes. A nutritionist joins us to share recipes and other tips for cooking and eating during the holidays with diabetes.

  • What you need to know about student loan payments

    After years of moratoriums and the Supreme Court ruling President Biden’s forgiveness plan unconstitutional, student loan payments resumed in October. An expert explains Biden’s new plan to help people pay off their loans, whether that plan is likely to survive any court challenges, and how tips for paying off loans in the meantime.

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