Destigmatizing Menstruation, Witness Intimidation, Taking A Look At The Black Lives Matter Movement

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A new app helps women to track their periods, and to take away the stigma of menstruation. We discuss mounting evidence of witness intimidation in Milwaukee. And we talk to a national race relations expert about the one-year anniversary of the Ferguson decision.

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  • Witness Intimidation In Milwaukee Court Cases

    A Milwaukee journalist looks at witness intimidation in Milwaukee criminal cases–and efforts by the police and prosecutors to protect key witnesses from threats and violence.

  • How Period-Tracking Apps Are Changing The Stigma Around Menstrual Cycles

    Period-tracking apps are growing in popularity, especially among girls. Apps like “Clue” and “Period Tracker” allow women to put in data about their menstrual cycesl and get push notificatiosn about when they can expect their next period to start. We talk to a health reporter about these apps and how they’re changing the social stigma around periods.

  • Looking At The Black Lives Matter Movement, On The One-Year Anniversary Of The Ferguson Decision

    Tuesday is the one-year anniversary of a Missouri grand jury’s decision to not charge a police officer for the shooting death of an unarmed black teen in Ferguson. We talk to a national race relations expert about the Ferguson decision, one year out, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Veronica Rueckert Host
  • Rob Ferrett Producer
  • Amanda Magnus Producer
  • John Diedrich Guest
  • Roni Caryn Rabin Guest
  • Chad Dion Lassiter Guest

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