Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Fired, Resigning, Or None Of The Above?, Documentary Spotlights The First University Program For Hip Hop, Spoken Word And Urban Arts

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First Wave is a full scholarship program offered at UW-Madison that combines academic pursuit with a high-level artistic community and the space and resources for students to hone their spoken word, music, and performance talents.
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We examine the uncertain future of U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein amid reports Monday that he would be forced out of the Justice Department. Then, for 11 years the First Wave Scholarship program has drawn in poets, hip-hop artists, and spoken word performers to become part of a community focused on arts and activism on the UW-Madison campus. We talk to two of the students and one of the producers who have created a documentary capturing the energy of the program. The documentary airs tonight at 8:00p.m. on Wisconsin Public Television.

Featured in this Show

  • A Look At The Uncertain Future Of Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein

    Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein reportedly expected to be fired on Monday. That didn’t happen, but a meeting with President Donald Trump has been set up for Thursday. We look at the shaky relationship between Trump and Rosenstein and examine what his potential departure could mean for the Russia investigation and the fall midterm elections.

  • Hip-Hop Culture, Spoken Word And More Comes With This College Education Experience

    The First Wave scholarship program is one of the first of its kind, allowing students to pursue their academic goals while also honing their art — whether that be hip-hop, spoken word, poetry, performance, etc. The program has been around for 11 years now. We talk with two First Wave students and a producer from Wisconsin Public Television about the documentary that showcases these students, their talent and the power of the program. The documentary airs tonight at 8:00pm on Wisconsin Public Television.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Bill Martens Producer
  • Natalie Guyette Producer
  • Daniel Lippman Guest
  • Trevor Keller Guest
  • Zhalarina Sanders Guest
  • Tiffany Ike Guest

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