Department Of Corrections Withholds Prison Records, How To Drive, The Decline Of Optimism

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Despite data that shows that the country is heading in a positive direction, the overall message is that all is lost. We look at how being optimistic has fallen out of favor. The stunt driver for the James Bond movies wants to help you be a better, safer driver. And we talk to a reporter from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel about the way the Wisconsin Department of Corrections has responded to the paper’s open records requests about Lincoln Hills School for Boys.

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  • Wisconsin Department Of Corrections Withholds Prison Records

    The Lincoln Hills School for Boys and its sister institution, the Copper Lake School for Girls, are both under a federal investigation for allegations of prisoner abuse, child neglect, excessive use of pepper spray, destruction of records, and misconduct in office. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has made several requests for prison documents and videos, but the Wisconsin Department of Corrections has failed to provide records or denied several requests over the last several months. We talk to a state government reporter who’s been covering this story for an update on records requests.

  • Secrets To Safe Driving

    Most of us never need the skills of a stunt driver, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from one. Our guest drives the car in James Bond movies and is a former Formula One racer. He shares his tips as a profesional driver for how to be as safe as possible behind the wheel.

  • Why It's Not Cool To Be Optimistic

    Despite much data to the contrary, many Americans feel that the current state of the country is reason to be pessismistic and negative. We look at how moods and perceptions get out of sync with reality, and why being optimistic is out of favor right now.

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