Demographic Gap Between Wisconsin Teachers And Students, Punctuation Debate, The Fight For Suffrage

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women rally for women's suffrage in New York in 1916
A line of women rally for women’s suffrage and advertise a free rally discussing women’s right to vote in New York, in Sept. 1916. AP Photo

It’s been 100 years since women won the right to vote in the US. We talk with an historian about the struggle and the role that women in Wisconsin played. We also wade into the debate over using one or two periods after a sentence. Plus, the data behind a growing demographic gap between the state’s students and teachers.

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  • Wisconsin's Percentage Of Teachers Of Color Not Keeping Pace With Diversifying K-12 Student Body

    The percentage of students of color in Wisconsin’s public schools has grown over the last decade, but the share of nonwhite teachers hasn’t kept pace. The author of a new report on the topic joins us to discuss the numbers behind the demographic gap, and why it matters for students.

  • One Or Two Spaces After Periods?

    Do you tend to type one space after a period or two? Our guest says the extra space may eventually go by the wayside. We look at the debate and why she says the one-space crowd will likely win out.

  • The Fight For Women's Suffrage

    Women won the right to vote 100 years ago. We talk with a historian about the path to that win.

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