Decades-High Unhappiness In The US, More Voting Challenges For UW Students, Early Voting Restrictions Reinstated

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We talk about unhappiness in America, how to experience the emotion and move forward. Then we learn about how COVID-19 is making an already difficult process for college students in Wisconsin to vote even worse. And we look at a court ruling reinstating the state’s stricter early voting requirements.

Featured in this Show

  • Why Americans Are So Unhappy In 2020

    Driven largely by the coronavirus pandemic, a new survey shows that Americans are more unhappy today than they’ve been in nearly 50 years. We discuss why people say they’re feeling so down, their pessimism about the future, and what we can do to lift our spirits.

  • Pandemic Worsens College Voting Complications In Wisconsin

    College students in Wisconsin need specific identification to register to vote. Wisconsin Watch’s managing editor talks about a report that shows the pandemic makes the process more complicated than usual.

  • How Federal Appeals Court Is Changing Wisconsin's Upcoming Elections

    A federal appeals court has reinstated key portions of a Wisconsin law that limits early voting and imposes a stricter residency requirement to vote. We look at Monday’s ruling and what it means for upcoming elections.

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