Debt imprisonment, Sex education in Wisconsin, Comedy and cancel culture

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Waupun Correctional Institution
Waupun Correctional Institution in southeast Wisconsin has been locked down since March. Prison officials have not said when normal operations will resume. Photo taken Aug. 6, 2023. Jamie Kelter Davis for The New York Times

An expert on Wisconsin law talks about why debt imprisonment is still a possibility in the sate. We also hear about potential ways to improve sex education in schools. Plus, a look at the history of comedy and “cancel culture”

Featured in this Episode

  • Why you can be jailed for 'failure to pay' in Wisconsin

    Wisconsinites can be jailed for failing to pay public fines and court debts. We talk with a public defense expert about how frequently it happens and how it affect the justice system.

  • New research on sex ed in Wisconsin

    A researcher shares results of her recent study that looked at challenges, shifts, and gendered differences in how sex education is being taught around Wisconsin.

  • The history of outrage and culture wars in comedy

    We think of cancel culture and the culture wars as a modern machination, but these issues have existed in the entertainment industry for decades. We talk to a comedy historian about his new book on the history of outrage and moral panic in show business.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Orlaith Heymann Guest
  • Kliph Nesteroff Guest
  • John Gross Guest

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