Death Penalty Challenges, Bullying In Sports, National Novel Writing Month

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Gene Purcell and Rob Ferrett discuss why the death penalty may be facing some challenges, look at hazing and bullying in sports, and mark National Novel Writing Month.

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  • Could A Lack Of Options Cause The End Of The Death Penalty?

    States are running out of the drugs they use to carry out death sentences…and alternatives are slim. A reporter discusses what this means for capital punishment in the United States.

  • Confronting The Bullying And Hazing Culture In Sports

    A high profile case involving the Miami Dolphins has raised questions about hazing and bullying in sports. A hazing researcher says lessons can be learned from this case at all levels of sport.

  • National Novel Writing Month: A How-To Guide

    November if National Novel Writing Month, when writers are encouraged to pound out that first draft in about thirty days. Our guest in-house writer has some tips about how to get the job done without losing your mind.

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